Meet Bluey

Bluey Maverick grew up in rural Tennessee, the youngest of 17 children. She was raised in an abandoned still her father happened across one day, as he pursued his occupation as a failed prospector. The Mavericks were short on space, but Bluey was lucky enough to have her own claw-foot tub to sleep in, with high walls that made it easily defensible against other children. Despite being the youngIMG_0377est, Bluey was quite tough, and her siblings respected her turf.

At the tender age of six she had four of her front teeth knocked out in a bare knuckle boxing match with the neighbor boy. Three on the bottom, one on the top. Bluey managed to dislocate both of his arms before the fight devolved into wrestling. He never called her Gooey Bluey again. Bluey compensated for her missing teeth by shredding food with her fingers until her adult teeth came in.

When Bluey was 12 years old, she began to notice the opposite sex, and they began to notice her. Mainly they noticed her as she jumped out from around a corner, hollering “Gotcha, cutie pie!” before tossing a burlap sack over their heads. Many a day Mr. Maverick would arrive home, tired from failing to find a single piece of gold, only to have to untie some poor lad. After releasing him from Bluey’s tub, he’d send him on his way with an apology.

Bluey started to mellow out when she reached her late teens. She came to realize that, while her toughness and her willingness to do pretty much anything that crossed her mind were a big asset in her favor, they also tended to make other people really uncomfortable in her presence. She decided to embrace her feminine side and became enamored with the idea of, one day, being a true southern belle. She bought a copy of Gone with the Wind and watched it ad nauseum, driving her brothers crazy. Bluey began to wear her hair long and called everyone ‘daaaaahling’.

Once Bluey reached adulthood, she decided it was time to leave the still and her bathtub behind, venture out into the world, and seek her fortune. As a highly volatile and creative person, she was naturally attracted to music and writing.