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IMG_0379Penny Lane – Hi! My name is Penny!  I love to sing and dance and I want to be a famous moviestar someday.  I’m currently unemployed but don’t let that fool you.  I’m working round the clock to convince everyone I know (and everyone I don’t know) that I deserve to be the world’s most famous person!!!!  I’m madly in love with Oliver (isn’t he the cutest???) and my mentor, Bluey, says that if I work really hard to improve my musicianship she’ll consider producing my songs some day!  I don’t ask for a lot.  All I really want is to marry Oliver, have five to six of his babies, live in a giant mansion, and to be unquestionably famous.  Is that too much for a girl to ask?

IMG_1261Oliver – Hi!  I’m Oliver.  Nice to meet you.  I’m really nothing much to read about.  You may have seen me anchoring the Oliver Show on weekdays but I spend most of my time at home reading and taking care of my garden.  I’m a homebody — it’s true.  But, I’m an inquisitive guy.  I just love learning about new people and places.  Isn’t life miraculous?

IMG_1240Practical Pea – Americans waste so much time online.  If you want my advice, you should shut this computer down right now and go get something done.  You’re wasting valuable time.  And if you’re anything like your peers, you spend way too much of your money buying junk you don’t need.  Stick with me, Practical Pea, and I’ll tell you and everyone else within earshot what they’re doing wrong. Everyone loves me because I’m so helpful.

IMG_1247Sheep the Sheep – “Bah-bah-bah…bah-bah-bahhh-bahhhhhhh!”  Oh, hello there. I didn’t see you come in. As I’m sure you already know, I am Sheep the Sheep, the world famous opera singer. In addition to opera, I enjoy steadily consuming grass, sipping the finest cognacs, and occasionally being sheared by Bluey, who keeps me very calm and displays startling creativity in the use of my wool. Check out my latest album: Twenty-two Variations on Baaacchh.

IMG_1244The Salty Sea Hag – After working five exhausting years in Japan for the notorious Lee Corporation, I decided to quit my job in finance and move to NYC where I reinvented myself as a part-time busker.  One of Bluey’s scouts picked me up in a metro station after I brought myself to tears singing Blow the Man Down.  My mother, the daughter of the dread Pirate Longbeard, was forced to walk the plank when her crew decided that her interests in saving and investing clashed with the clan’s love of the raid.  The fact that she looked like a witch didn’t help either.  Though she tried to forget her Pacific relations, she couldn’t get their sea shanties out of her head.  What can I say?  Some kids grow up with blond hair and lullabies.  Others come into the world green and briney, and they fall asleep to the sounds of a pirate party.

IMG_1257Uncle Louie – Most people call me Uncle Louie but some know me better as Lightning Lou or the Tiny Tank.   If you’re looking for a little mischievous mayhem that’s fun but not too cutthroat, I’m definitely your guy.   I’m a bit unpredictable at times but that will probably change when I survive this awful pre-pubescent phase I seem to be eternally stuck in.  As Bluey’s only relation to truly strike it rich, it’s worth your time to pay me mind.  I’m the piggy behind seventy-five percent of Bluey’s bank.

IMG_1255Bluey Maverick – Hello again!  After ten years on the road as a performing artist, I decided that life in the limelight conflicts with my early-bird tendencies, as well as my desire to spend time with my kids, avoid drug use, and be a more reliable person in general.  I also suffered from severe performance anxiety after a reknowned vocal coach attempted (and failed) to train the signature warble out of my voice.  For years I only sang at weddings and funerals, and then, after having kids, during their daily naps.  Then I recorded my hit debut album, “Songs For Sale,” in the bathtub, where the acoustics are always improved 100%!  At long last my anxieties were over and my career finally took off in a sustainable direction.  At this point, I decided to become a producer and composer.  At around this same time, I became the musical advisor for the Oliver (and Penny) Show.  I credit this renewed creativity to the intense sleep depreivation I experienced as a result of my children’s owlish antics.  I  realized then that some of my songs might be perfect background material for a wacky and highly dramatic show.  I hope that one day, my songs will be used as background music in film and television, as well as other artists’ at-home digital media projects.  I would also like to harmonize with muppet fans from around the world and continue recording experimental music in the place I’ve always called home: the bathtub.

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