Bluey’s music is currently availabe at the Itunes Music Store and CDBABY.

IMG_0320If you would like to sample Bluey’s tunes, check out the links below:

Bluey’s Wacky Singles:

The Velociraptor

I feel silly, I feel sweet!  I found a tasty baby I’d like to eat!  Watch it on youtube.

Full of Gunk

“I’ve got wax in my ears, boogers up my nose, crusties in my eyes, and fuzz between my toes!”  Sometimes kids are super cute but they can also be downright disgusting.  Bluey wrote this hit number while pretending to be a “Gunk Removal Specialist.”  Check out their video on youtube.

Baby Dinosaur

Working on a digital media scrapbook for your infant or toddler?  This is the perfect piece for your baby dino slideshow.  Check out Bluey’s example here.  Then create your own!

Mischief Maker

This over-the-top tune was written at the request of Bluey’s friend Penny Lane.  Listen to Penny’s cover or watch Penny perform it live on The Oliver Show.

Albums published to date: 

Songs For Sale

Twelve heady, originals (pop/jazz/blues) about taking chances and growing up. Featuring keys and vocals and produced in Bluey’s tub where the acoustics are always 100% improved.

A Light, Steady Rain: 14 Piano Meditations

Fourteen piano solos written for weddings, special services, and interludes while Bluey was transitioning out of the tub and into a more grown-up world.  Perfect for a rainy day.